Alliqua Biomedical is a provider of wound care solutions and drug delivery technologies. Through our hydrogel platform technology and proprietary products, we seek to create superior outcomes for patients, providers, and partners.

Our core businesses include advanced wound care, transdermal drug delivery, and contract manufacturing. We leverage our proprietary hydrogel technology platform to add value to our own products and also those of our partners.

Wound Management

In the area of advanced wound care, we market a line of proprietary advanced wound dressings that includes:

  • SilverSeal®: A flexible, sterile, non-adherent hydrogel dressing that incorporates the antimicrobial properties of metallic silver coated fiber for wounds that are infected or at risk of infection.
  • Hydress®: A flexible, sterile, non-adherent hydrogel dressing that can absorb up to two-times its weight in exudate.
  • sorbion sachet S: a primary dressing with hydration response technology that manages wound exudate and helps prepare the wound bed for healing.
  • sorbion sana gentle: a primary dressing that consists of an absorbent core with hydration response technology and a three-dimensional outer cover made of polyethylene to maintain a moist environment and support tissue development.

We continue to expand our advanced wound care portfolio to better meet the needs of clinicians and patients. In our recently announced partnership with Celgene Cellular Therapeutics, we will develop and launch the wound care allografts, Biovance® and Extracellular Matrix (ECM). We believe that our suite of differentiated products enhance a clinician’s ability to effectively and efficiently manage a variety of wound indications and wound conditions throughout the healthcare continuum.

Transdermal Drug Delivery

In the area of transdermal drug delivery, our hydrogel technology can be used to deliver therapeutic compounds through the skin. Key advantages of our delivery platform include stability of form and composition, purity, reproducibility, and compatibility with various active ingredients. Within certain patient populations, transdermal drug delivery has multiple advantages over oral drug delivery or injections. Alliqua hydrogels provide a welcome texture and flexibility for the patients; their ease of administration is an added bonus. We intend to commercialize our drug delivery platform in multiple therapeutic areas.

Contract Manufacturing

Our contract manufacturing business unit provides custom hydrogels to the OEM market. We develop and manufacture electron-beam cross-linked sheet gels for customers that include manufacturers of medical devices, cosmeceuticals, and other commercial product applications. Our ability to meet the varying specifications of our customers, while maintaining tight tolerances and ensuring delivery on-time and within budget, has made us a leader in the electron beam cross-linked hydrogel market.