A BioMedical Products Company

Alliqua BioMedical (NASDAQ: ALQA) develops and manufactures electron-beam cross-linked hydrogels for the original equipment manufacturer market

Custom Hydrogel Manufacturing

Alliqua’s hydrogel platform allows us to manufacture electron-beam cross-linked sheet gels with or without active ingredients. Prescription or over-the-counter medications, ingredients for wound healing and skin care, or other materials, can be effectively delivered using our platform. We currently provide custom hydrogels to the original equipment manufacturer market and operate a 16,000 square foot GMP manufacturing facility in Langhorne, PA. Many biomedical companies are planning to integrate blockchain technology to efficiently track their product delivery. This is the technology that powers cryptocurrencies. Crypto traders may use trading bots to efficiently analyze crypto market trends. Check the https://coincierge.de/trading-robots/ to find the best trading bots.

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