Alliqua BioMedical (NASDAQ: ALQA) is a functional regeneration company, building a suite of technological solutions that allow clinicians to utilize the latest advances in regenerative therapies to bring improved patient outcomes to their practices. Alliqua is building this portfolio through targeted acquisitions and licensing agreements with strategic partners such as Celularity.
The Company is headquartered in Yardley, PA.

Product Portfolio

Our commercial portfolio currently consists of the following product categories:

Human Biologics

  • BIOVANCE®: a human amniotic membrane allograft that supports the body’s natural ability to heal.
  • Interfyl™: a connective tissue extracellular matrix derived from human placental tissue that can be used to fill voids and correct defects in soft tissue, providing mechanical and structural support to facilitate the tissue repair process.

Ultrasound Healing Therapy

  • MIST® Therapy: a painless, noncontact, low-frequency ultrasound delivered through a fluid (e.g., saline) mist to the wound bed; the energy continues to travel below the wound surface with the gentle sound waves of MIST® Therapy removing barriers and promotes wound healing.

Portfolio Expansion

We continue to expand our functional regenerative portfolio to better meet the needs of clinicians and patients through targeted acquisitions, licensing, and strategic partnerships such as Celularity.

Custom Hydrogel Manufacturing

Our legacy contract manufacturing business unit provides custom hydrogels to the OEM market. We develop and manufacture electron-beam cross-linked sheet gels for customers that include manufacturers of medical devices, cosmeceuticals, and other commercial product applications. Our ability to meet the varying specifications of our customers, while maintaining tight tolerances and ensuring delivery on-time and within budget, has made us a leader in the electron beam cross-linked hydrogel market.