Alliqua Biomedical intends to develop, manufacture and market its own proprietary products, utilizing the existing technology portfolio available to it through the other subsidiaries of Alliqua, Inc.  It further intends to pursue projects in the fields of active ingredient and transdermal drug delivery, as well as advanced wound care.

The active ingredient and transdermal drug delivery markets are multi-billion dollar marketplaces and represent significant opportunities for the company. The company’s technology allows its products to avoid first-pass metabolism of the active ingredient or drug through the liver and gastrointestinal systems, provide a more consistent level of dosing, potentially lower side effect incidences by reducing peak drug levels in the body and missing the need for absorption in the GI tract, and promote a higher compliance than with orally ingested or injected drugs.

Advanced wound care dressings are believed to facilitate faster healing, pain relief and prevention of infection. These dressings create a moist environment, inherently adhere to the area with minimal adhesion to the wound itself, and provide pain relief at the wound site by promoting vaso-constriction.
Alliqua Biomedical currently has several products currently under development. Management believes that the Company’s first products will be in the fields of:

  • Pain management;
  • Antimicrobial wound care.
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