General Description

The PHN Patch is under development by Alliqua Biomedical. We have retained Jeiven Pharmaceutical Consulting with the intent of launching a transdermal pain patch on an accelerated time-to-market schedule.

Alliqua’s patch technology that enables the delivery of drugs and active ingredients directly through the stratum corneum avoiding 'first pass' of the digestive system and the liver. Alliqua intends to aggressively pursue a generic version of an existing pain management patch for the treatment of postherpetic neuralgia (“PHN”). PHN is associated with shingles, which is a rising medical problem in the United States and around the world as countries continue to struggle with increasingly elderly populations.

Based on data from IMS Health, management estimates that the total U.S. market for pain management pharmaceuticals, exclusive of over-the-counter products, totaled in excess of $20 billion in 2009, with the market for the existing prescription pain patch in excess of $1 billion in the US alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 1 million cases of shingles occur in the United States annually, and approximately 20% of shingles cases result in PHN.


Key Features/Benefits
  • Avoidance of hepatic first pass metabolism;
  • Non-invasive nature;
  • Improved patient compliance; and
  • Discontinuation of administration by removal of the system.