Alliqua’s hydrogels are targeted to two primary markets: transdermal drug delivery and advanced wound care dressings.

Transdermal drug delivery

The current estimated market for transdermally delivered drugs is $27.9 billion. Transdermal patches deliver drugs to the body via absorption through the skin. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are utilizing this delivery method as it avoids first-pass metabolism of the drug through the liver and gastrointestinal systems, provides a more consistent level of dosing, potential lower side effect incidence by reducing peak drug levels in the body and missing the need for absorption in the GI tract, and higher compliance than with orally ingested or injected drugs. Alliqua is pursuing a PHN patch, the most commonly prescribed transdermal product.

Advanced wound care dressings

The current estimated market for advanced wound dressings is $11.8 billion.  Advanced wound dressings are used for significant lesions and wounds to the skin. These advanced dressings are believed to facilitate faster healing, pain relief and prevention of infection. AquaMed features a non-medicated version and a version containing silver, a broad spectrum antibacterial ingredient that stops and can prevent infection. These dressings create a moist environment that facilitates healing , inherently adheres to the area with minimal adhesion to the wound itself, and naturally produces pain relief at the wound site.