Supplement inadequate soft tissues or replace damaged soft connective tissue defects with Interfyl

  • Able to completely fill irregular spaces or soft tissue voids resulting from trauma, surgery, or aging
  • Allows for cell adherence and growth during tissue repair
  • Consists of natural human structural and biochemical extracellular matrix components
  • Adapts to local mechanical forces
  • Provides structural support while maintaining elasticity

Derived from the placenta of a healthy, full-term pregnancy

  • Interfyl is an allogeneic, decellularized, particulate human tissue

Minimally manipulated during processing

  • Retains the fundamental structural and functional characteristics of connective tissue extracellular matrix

Available in both flowable and particulate forms

Broad range of surgical indications, including lower extremity applications

Indications include, but are not limited to use in:
  • Replacement of damaged integumental soft tissue
  • Augmentation or supplementation of inadequate connective tissues
    • Soft tissue supplementation during complicated surgical closures where there are soft tissue voids or inadequacies
    • Augmentation of chronic deficient or inadequate fascia or tendon sheaths (including plantar fascia)
  • Soft tissue supplementation where there is damaged periarticular structure including joint capsule
  • Utilization as a replacement for, or to fill voids in, periarticular soft tissue
  • Repair of small surgical defects resulting from either medical or surgical conditions including those with exposed vital structures (bone, tendon, ligament, or nerve)

Please refer to the Interfyl Instructions for Use (Package Insert) for complete product information.

Alliqua licenses Interfyl, as well as Biovance, from HLI Cellular Therapeutics, LLC, a subsidiary of Human Longevity, Inc.