sorbion® sana gentle enhances Hydration Response Technology and a unique three dimensional structured wound contact layer made of polyethylene to maintain moist environment for supporting tissue development. It is designed for wounds with a heterogenious production of exudate during granulation. sorbion sana gentle is indicated as a primary dressing for exuding wounds of varying aetiologies and is non sensitizing, making it an ideal dressing for all patients even those with contact sensitivities.

About Hydration Response Technology

Hydration Response Technology is the design concept we use to develop and manufacture state-of-the-art wound care products at sorbion. Hydrokinetic fibres are one mayor key to implementing this design concept in our products. These fibres form a matrix characterized by a unique combination of materials, including their proportions, densities and mass. The sorbion inner core is made of mechanically modified cellulose fibres (cellulose and sodium polyacrylate) which are processed to produce an absorbent dressing pad. The production process involves binding together selected cellulose fibres and gel-forming polymers so that both components can interact and function together. The patented expansion border, which enables wide contact with the wound region, even at high saturation rates, also plays an important role in the design concept.